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    Mindset Training Program 

    What is it?

    • Mindset Training is our unique program that shows athletes how to approach training their mind the same way that they approach their physical skillsets as an athlete.

    • Adding Mindset Training to an athlete's toolbox gives them an edge over their competition as they learn how to harness the power of their mind

    Why train your mind?

    • Develop a clearer & happier mindset as an athlete
    • Increase motivation and resilience
    • Optimize individual/team performance
    • Avoid burnout by playing from a place of passion & enjoyment rather than fear & perfectionism
    • Consistently performing at your ideal mental state is the key to success at higher levels for sports... And BEYOND

    What you learn: 

    • In our program we focus/expand on our six pillars of mindset training:

      • Motivation through Gratitude, Journaling, & Meditation

      • Motivation through Effective Goal Setting

      • Self-Awareness & Regulating Anxiety

      • Self-Talk

      • Visualization

      • Routine Building for Consistent Success 

    Who is it for?

    • Boys & Girls U13 +
    •  This training is aimed towards players that have developed their foundational passing, dribbling, 1v1, and finishing skills


    *For U13+ players still developing their foundational skills you can sign up for our Foottech Elite summer camps 

    *If we find that the Foottech+ training is too advanced for a player we will contact you about different training options. 

    If you are unsure about what camp to register your child for, reach out to and we can assist you in placing your child in the correct training level.  

    Foottech+ Mindset Training $129

    Summer Elite Package 2023

    Train all summer long at and really improve your skills and game with the consistency of quality instruction, repetition and competition!

    Summer Camps 2023

    Technical Camp

    Master Your Skills! Become technically proficient with both right & left foot!

    Finishing Camp

    The Finishing Camp is about scoring goals, with your right & left foot, heading and learning the attacking skills necessary to give your team the edge.

    Tryout Camp

    The Tryout Prep Camp is an ideal preparation for your rigorous tryouts. This camp covers all facets of the game from individual ball skills and proper technique of the basics, to offensive and defensive team concepts.


    Use this promo code to get $20.00 off.

    Technical, Finishing & Tryout Camps


    Goalkeeper Elite Training 2023

    This specialty program will teach you the fundamentals of footwork & saves to advance techniques that will put you into the path to being a standout goalkeeper!      MN Foot Tech program offers a complete training for goalkeepers all ages & both gender!       

    Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-11:30 A.m.   Lucy Winton bell   

    MN Foot Tech Students Learn Focus, Confidence, Self-Discipline & Self-Esteem!

    When a coach, mentor or teacher recognizes you for doing something well, you're more likely to find repeat success, and your confidence will grow. In order to access your special qualities, we'll help you see what makes you special.

    We provide players the most valuable experience through positive reinforcement and instruction in games.

    We foster positive soccer development and encourage the appreciation of soccer’s intrinsic values.

    We ensure all our players learn what it takes to become soccer’s most precious commodity, a goal scorer!

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    Sydney Squires Best Forward In The NCAA

    Sydney Squires best forward in the BIG TEN and also in the nation according the NCAA. Sydney has trained since she was 12 years old with MN Foot Tech and she was also a coach/trainer for MN Foot Tech. Sydney is having a great season with Gophers Women's Soccer! Congratulations Sydney!!!

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