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    Early Bird Discount

    Use promo code WINTER2022 and save $25.00 off any of our summer  programs.

    Promo code expires October 31st. Valid on all programs except Elite Package and Goalkeeper Elite Training!

    MN Foot Tech Students Learn Focus, Confidence, Self-Discipline & Self-Esteem!

    When a coach, mentor or teacher recognizes you for doing something well, you're more likely to find repeat success, and your confidence will grow. In order to access your special qualities, we'll help you see what makes you special.

    We provide players the most valuable experience through positive reinforcement and instruction in games.

    We foster positive soccer development and encourage the appreciation of soccer’s intrinsic values.

    We ensure all our players learn what it takes to become soccer’s most precious commodity, a goal scorer!

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    Sydney Squires Best Forward In The NCAA

    Sydney Squires best forward in the BIG TEN and also in the nation according the NCAA. Sydney has trained since she was 12 years old with MN Foot Tech and she was also a coach/trainer for MN Foot Tech. Sydney is having a great season with Gophers Women's Soccer! Congratulations Sydney!!!

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